A Glimpse To The Luxurious Living In Singapore

Hi Everyone, I like to welcome you to this unique blog site that will be featuring all the goodies and amazing lifestyles of the rich and wealthy living in this garden city, Singapore!

Singapore is among the Top 25 Richest Countries list, and ranking number 3 in position as being the world’s number 3 richest countries in the world!

Singapore is top 3 richest in the world
Singapore is #3 top richest countries

With this fact, you shouldn’t be surprised to also know about this study stating that by the year 2020, there will be 1 millionaire in 30 people in Singapore.  So what this mean is that Singapore will be a land of millionaires by 2020!

Why Is Singapore Full Of Millionaires? You may be wondering, click here to learn why, according to Forbes.

Now knowing that this tiny country, little red dot, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it is our goal to bring you insights into the lifestyles of these millionaires living in Singapore. We will be introducing the different types of luxurious products and shiny toys these affluent millionaires splurged on and the type of investment and residential properties they invest in.

Hope you will enjoy this blog and share with your friends who aspire to live like one of these affluent wealthy millionaire in Singapore.

Singapore city view